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Introduction to High Availability in Facilities Management: Ensuring Safe and Reliable Operations

Updated: Apr 11, 2023

Facility management is a complicated field requiring various technologies and processes to ensure the safe and efficient operation of buildings and facilities. High availability is one of the essential components of facility management. This article will provide an introduction to high availability in facility management.

In facility management, it is essential to specify what high availability means. High availability is the capacity of a system or service to remain operational and accessible despite hardware or software failures, network problems, and other disturbances. This is crucial in facility management, where downtime or disruptions can have severe effects, such as health and safety hazards, equipment damage, and lost productivity.

Why is high availability in facility management so important? First and foremost, it contributes to building residents' safety and well-being. It also protects vital equipment and infrastructure against damage and deterioration caused by unplanned outages or downtime. It enables property managers to provide regular and dependable services to renters and customers.

How, therefore, may facility managers achieve high operating availability? There are various effective tactics and technology. They consist of the following:

Redundancy refers to having numerous mission-critical systems or services such that if one instance fails, another can take over. This ensures that a backup option is always available during a breakdown.

Load balancing includes distributing traffic over numerous servers or instances so that traffic can be redirected to another if one server fails. This can assist in ensuring that the system has no single point of failure.

Failover is the automatic switching to a backup system or service if the primary system or service fails. This can assist in ensuring that essential services continue to be accessible despite failures or disruptions.

Recovery from Catastrophic Failures, such as natural catastrophes or cyberattacks, requires a plan. This can aid in ensuring that facility management operations can continue despite a significant disturbance.

Cloud-based solutions provide a variety of high-availability capabilities, including redundant storage, load balancing, and automatic failover. This can ensure that essential services remain accessible during a localized disruption or outage.

High availability is an essential aspect of facility management operations. Facility managers may preserve the safety and well-being of occupants, maintain critical infrastructure and equipment, and provide consistent and reliable services to customers and renters by ensuring that critical systems and services are always available. Various tactics and technologies are required to achieve high availability, including redundancy, load balancing, failover, disaster recovery, and cloud-based solutions. With these technologies, site managers may ensure that their activities stay accessible and operational despite any obstacles.

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