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About Us

Company Profile

RoyceMedia Technologies Pte Ltd, founded in 1997, is a leading provider of IT/OT solutions and services. Our objective is to assist and empower customers with their IT/OT requirements, from day-to-day support to the implementation of network infrastructure, security, firewall, and e-commerce projects. We consistently give the most cost-effective solutions to guarantee that our clients' activities run smoothly.

Our success resulted from our devotion to the IT industry and our provision of superior support and consulting services. We support our clients in meeting new challenges by delivering customised solutions that match their specific requirements, staying abreast of industry developments, and satisfying the specific needs of numerous major industries.

Mission Statement

Protecting Your Business from IT Disruptions

At RoyceMedia, we strive to develop solutions that protect our clients' companies from hardware failures, natural catastrophes, and other interruptions. We achieve this by regularly checking for threats and vulnerabilities in current IT infrastructure and procedures and alerting our customers to operational risks to their core business activities. We double our effort to discuss risk mitigation with consumers.

Our Strength

Dedication to Business Continuity

Our goal is to provide and manage the technology that ensures our clients' business continuity through high availability, failover, and disaster recovery solutions. Our customer's business is our main priority, and we endeavour to provide them with a competitive advantage and ensure their availability and continuity by providing them with excellent support services.

IT Expertise

At RoyceMedia, our team is committed to continuous learning and skill development to provide our clients with the most current IT products and solutions. Our personnel is qualified to meet the requirements of our customers. This is RoyceMedia's assurance to clients who entrust us with their IT infrastructure.

One Stop Solution

RoyceMedia provides comprehensive customer solutions, including project management, installation, training, and ongoing support. By managing the whole project lifecycle, we offer a single point of contact for all of our customers' IT requirements. This leads to more efficient guidance and services throughout the complete process.

Unmatched Support & Services

Our commitment to the success of our clients through superior support and services separates us in the industry. Our support options include phone, e-mail, online, and on-site support, allowing us to respond rapidly to client inquiries and requests. Our comprehensive service coverage enables us to meet our client's IT needs and demands whenever.

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