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Smart-FM is a solution that helps Facility Management (Administration) teams manage offices and branch networks spread across multiple locations. Smart-FM uses state-of-the-art AI and Bot technology to automate & simplify FM tasks.

Digital Twin

The Digital Twin delivers advantages across multiple aspects of manufacturing, including production and design, remote diagnostics and service, future development, and collaboration.


Cybersecurity is the ultimate shield that guards your digital world from unwanted intrusions. Think of it as a fortress that keeps your sensitive information, computer systems and networks safe and secure.


E3MS is a web-based application that connects all your facilities and centralizes building management operations, site engineering, and energy analytics

FailXafe HA

Only the FailXafe HA delivers continuous availability that businesses, their users, and their customers demand for their most important business services.


RMMS’s New Customer Startup Process is designed to get you up and running with Maintenance fast!


Hi-ALERT Notification Gateway delivers real time alarms & alerts, integrating with the frontline SCADA, HMI and control systems.

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