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Network Security Solutions

Enterprises are extending network access to a wide variety of users in fixed and wireless environments in order to meet business objectives, increase productivity and deliver flexibility - and they must do so without compromising security. Network Security solutions enable business mobility by providing secure, reliable, manageable connections that allow you to offer anytime, anywhere, any device access while protecting your corporate assets.

We have experienced engineers with good understanding of networks, applications and industry specific security knowledge who have served our customers well over the past few years. We are capable of assessing your needs thoroughly, identify the best solution quickly and implement solutions that integrate with your existing IT resource.

We are specialists in security infrastructure, design and architecture, and perimeter based security deployment such as:

  • Firewall deployment

  • High Availability Services (HAS)

  • Multi tier firewall deployment

  • Intrusion detection

  • Secure remote access & Authentications

  • Content screening

  • Secure network management

  • Risk management

  • Penetration testing / health check assessments

  • Virtual Private Network

  • Disaster Recovery and Backup Services (DRS)

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