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Neverfail ®, a leading global software company specializing in continuous availability and disaster recovery solutions, provides a single software-based solution for any Windows application that enables end users to stay continuously connected to business critical applications. With Neverfail, customers are able to leverage on the latest virtualization technologies to deliver a more agile IT infrastructure without worrying whether their business continuity plans can keep up with the pace of change.

It protects critical applications against physical server hardware, network infrastructure, operating system and application failures by ensuring that a warm server is ready to take over the active role should any problem arise. Since these servers share the same identity as the protected servers there are little or no changes required to the infrastructure to support the switchover. Neverfail’s unique cloning process also simplifies deployment of the secondary servers by handling not only the system state but the installed applications as well.

By supporting applications from within the operating system, Neverfail has visibility and capability to monitor and manage the application directly. Neverfail also easily supports mixed physical and virtual environments across different vendors and with dissimilar hardware configurations.

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