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LoRaWAN Sensors

What are LoRaWAN sensors?

LoRaWAN sensors are Internet of Things devices optimized for use in LoRaWAN networks. Its primary function is to collect and send environmental conditions data to a central server across a network

Use case of LoRaWAN sensors

Building automation

LoRaWAN sensors can be used to keep tabs on the building's temperature, occupancy, lighting, and other vitals to optimize the building's performance in terms of cost and comfort. temperature.

Environmental monitoring

LoRaWAN sensors can track environmental conditions including air and water quality in real-time.

Smart cities

LoRaWAN sensors can keep tabs on traffic, air quality, garbage collection, and other essential city functions in smart cities.

Industrial IoT

LoRaWAN sensors are useful for real-time monitoring temperature, vibration, and other critical factors in manufacturing, logistics, and other industrial environments.


LoRaWAN sensors can be utilized in the retail sector to keep tabs on stock, customer activity, and other metrics crucial to the success of a business.


LoRaWAN sensors have a variety of medical applications, including tracking the location of patients and medical equipment, monitoring vital indicators (such as heart rate and body temperature), and more.

Energy and utilities

Electricity, gas, and other vital characteristics may all be monitored with LoRaWAN sensors in the energy and utilities sector, leading to greater efficiency and lower costs.


LoRaWAN sensors can be used in farms to track soil moisture, temperature, and other critical agricultural metrics.


Low power consumption

LoRaWAN sensors can function for years on a single battery because of their low power requirements.

Long-range communication

With LoRaWAN, sensors can communicate to the network from up to 15 kilometers in the countryside and 2-5 kilometers in the city.

Bi-directional communication

LoRaWAN sensors can send data to and receive orders from the network.

Secure communication

LoRaWAN uses AES encryption to ensure that devices and the network communicate securely.

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