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Be Alerted 24/7 On Your Prefered Comms Platform

Hi-Alert Notification Gateway allows for secure communication with equipment alarms through a mobile application, text message, social messaging services, voice call, or email, reducing downtime and operational costs.

Key features

Real-Time Notifications

Receive alerts in real-time as soon as an event occurs or reaches a threshold level.

Multiple Notification Channels

Receive alerts through different channels such as email, SMS, push notifications, social messaging services, and voice calls.

Escalation And Routing

Route alerts to the appropriate individuals or groups and the ability to escalate alerts to higher-level personnel if necessary.

Customizable Alert Messages

Customize the content and format of alert messages to suit specific needs. Send rich or plain text logs on demand or based on alarm conditions.

Auditing And Reporting

Track and report on alert activity, including when and how alerts were received and acknowledged.

High Availability

Ensure that the alerting solution is highly available and can handle large volumes of alerts without interruption.

On-call Scheduling

Schedule on-call rotations, and alert the on-call person automatically when an incident happens.

Historical Data

Store and retrieve historical alert data for analysis and reporting.

Integration With Other Systems

Integrate with other systems such as monitoring and management tools, ticketing systems, and incident management systems.

User management and permissions: The ability to manage users and assign permissions to control who can receive, acknowledge, and manage alerts.


Quick Response

Respond rapidly to critical situations to limit the damage.

Essential systems and infrastructure organizations require this.

Improved Incident Management

Provide teams with the information they need to take action immediately, streamlining incident response and improving overall incident management.

Reduced Downtime

Help organizations to identify and resolve problems quickly, reducing downtime and minimizing the disruption to business operations.

Increased Productivity

Proactively address issues before they escalate, improving productivity and reducing the need for reactive firefighting.

Enhanced Security

Alert organizations to security incidents, allowing them to take action quickly to protect sensitive data and prevent further breaches.


Comply with regulations and industry standards by providing the necessary data and evidence of compliance in real time.

Cost Reduction

Reduce operational costs by minimizing downtime, reducing incident response times, and improving overall incident management.

Better Customer Experience

Organizations can provide better customer service by identifying and addressing issues quickly, reducing downtime, and minimizing disruption to business operations.

Hi-ALERT Notification Gateway delivers real time alarms & alerts, integrating with the frontline SCADA, HMI and control systems.

It reduces system downtime by using configuration logic to filter, route, and escalate alarms and events to designated recipients through multiple notification methods.

How it works

Improve alarm response time with smart escalation

From a simple call-out list to an advanced escalation workflow, Hi-ALERT allows you to quickly configure alarm notifications based on  alarm types, severity, worker roles, and schedules. For instance, you might send the most critical equipment alarms to all operators and managers, while giving maintenance technician a broader range of  event data.

Simple call out list that supports retries and delays

Easy to Configure Notification Workflows


  • Scales from a simple call out list to comprehensive workflows

  • As the alarm event unfolds, actions can to be taken 

  • Enable event-based pushing of reports

  • Easily configure and update schedules, personnel and 
    organizational changes

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