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Maintenance Services

Maintenance Services

RoyceMedia Technical Services Division offers a wide variety of service and maintenance programs, catering to the different needs of our customers to address their increasingly complex business challenges. These programs are provided with the full technical and logistical support by our qualified engineers and project managers who have serviced our customers well throughout the years since our establishment.

Every organization has different needs depending on the size of its network and operations. Our SUPPORT Assist-Pak offers on-site support with speedy response that enables us to meet your precise requirements. Many advantages are incorporate in SUPPORT Assist-Pak to ensure you get the best support package for your systems.

What's in it for our Customers?

  • Speedy Response: Rest assured our Support Specialist will response to your service within 4 hours. Prompt service guaranteed!

  • Monthly tracking: A copy of monthly service report you keep you informed of all the services rendered. These will enable you to track and take preventive measures.

  • Unlimited On-line Support: Our Support Specialist on duty is available to help you to solve problems through remote, overt the phone or Email.

  • Multi-Platform Support: Who says having the best of both world isn’t possible? SUPPORT Assist-Pak covers both MAC & Windows-based computer and server.

  • Scheduled Visits: Customers can pre-arrange visits at a specific date whether it is carry out our preventive maintenance or perform virus eradication and protection.

  • Multi-Vendor Product Support: Our Support Specialist will support all 3rd party vendor products. Be it printer, storage device, router or switches.

  • Standby Support: Support availability is important. RoyceMedia Support team is always on standby. We are there to ensure that your service request is attended to anytime it is needed.

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