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Protected network, guaranteed peace of mind.

RoyceMedia's managed firewall service offers enterprise-level network security. Rest assured that qualified specialists monitor your systems and data 24/7 and respond to possible threats with minimal human intervention. Our safe and secure firewall solution will provide businesses with peace of mind.

Without a firewall, protection against cyber-attacks and illegal access to sensitive data is impossible. It serves as the initial line of defense by monitoring and filtering network traffic according to security requirements. With the proliferation of the internet and cloud computing, an adequately built firewall can protect online assets and ensure data confidentiality, availability, and integrity.


Protect against unauthorized access

Block illegal network access and ensure only authorized users access essential information.

Prevent hacking attacks

Prevent hacking attacks such as malware, viruses, and phishing attempts, which can compromise the security of a network.

Control of network traffic

Control traffic flow in and out of a network, allowing administrators to set rules for what types of traffic are allowed and what are not.

Compliance with security policies

Enforce security policies to help firms fulfill regulatory and industry compliance obligations.

Improved network performance

Reduce network congestion and increase network performance by restricting the amount of data permitted over the network.

Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

Prevent data loss by monitoring and managing the flow of sensitive data, such as business data, over the network

Qualify for Singapore Productivity Solutions Grant (PSG) of up to 50% available for Managed Firewall Services!

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