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Building Management System

3D Building Visualization & Control

  • Control current view through toggling visibility of building by level, architectural layer or system layer.

  • Different plant room can be access easily with location shortcut.

  • Capable of converting existing BIM models to navigable 3D environments.

Chiller Plant Visualization & Control

  • Control current view through toggling visibility based on equipment category.

  • Monitor status of equipment such as chiller based on the color of highlight. For instance, green highlight represents that the equipment is on and running normally and red indicates fault.

  • Scrutinize information through various presentation layouts such as individual equipment summary page, dashboard page or overview page.

  • Instantly locate equipment within a plant room.

Real Time Monitoring

  • Visual feedback on 3D graphics based on sensor data.

  • Display critical data on top of important equipment.

  • Focus on capturing key parameters of equipment.

  • Narrow down data viewing based on equipment or system category.

  • Support BACnet / OPC chiller plant system.

Intuitive navigation

  • Freely navigate 3D scene and explore around in first person perspective.

  • Control your movement using directional pads and walk through virtual 3D plant like in a video game. Rotate your view and move around in first person view without lifting off the floor.

  • Bring you closer to the equipment of your interest with just a double click.

Compelling animation

  • Animation feedback on 3D models based on live data.

  • Monitor the state of equipment such as cooling tower, pump, chiller through intuitive animation of cooling tower fans, pump fans and chiller fans.

Powerful Dashboard Visualization

  • View all data pertaining to chiller plant system at a glance.

  • Quickly identify problem through different color-coding for data value.

  • Display data in the forms of timeline bar chart, pie chart, radial gauge or table format.

Real Time Alerts

  • Display alert notification when detect system faults or fault in equipment.

  • Pop up alert when critical data goes out of acceptable range.


  • Expand monitoring of chiller plant system in single location to multiple plants in different locations

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