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Integrated Building Management

3D Building Visualization & Control

  • Interactive 3D Premise visualization

  • User can view the entire building in an aerial view

  • User has control to isolate floors and closely examine equipment

  • User can walk in the room through a first person perspective

  • Allow user to simulate real-world experience

CCTV Integration

  • Able to monitor real live CCTV footages on multiple platforms.

  • Footages are organized and stored for easy review

  • Priorities can be set for CCTV

  • CCTV layout can be customized

  •  CCTV can be set as favorite for faster access

Facility Management Integration

  • Able to create, view and cancel work order within application

  • Users have privileges based on their access rights

  • Users are able to keep track of vendor

  • Users are able to keep track of inventory

  • Users are able to keep track of rental expiry dates

Alarm and Event Management

  • User will be notify when there is a fault in the equipment

  • Sorting alarm based on priority

  • Removing alarms that have been knowledge/revolved

  • Clicking on alarm will navigate to the 3D visualization of the equipment

  • Auto generate a work order when there is an alarm

Energy Management System

  • Real-time sensor visualization
    E.g. temperature distribution or humidity distribution within a level

  • View regional energy distribution

  • View sub system energy distribution

  • Keep track of air quality

  • Track electrical usage & capacity

Air conditioning and mechanical ventilation System

  • Live update on 3D graphics based on sensor data

  • Flow of water and air are represented using animation

  • Heat balance can be represented through color of equipment

  • User will be notify when temperature goes out of acceptable range

  • Cooling fans will be animated if working as intended

Monitoring Control System

  • Able to monitor multiple equipment

  • Store and view history of data

  • Data can be viewed as pie charts, graphs etc.

  • Equipment are highlighted for easy identification of status

  • Equipment can be separated by floors and rooms for better visualization

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