Software Deployment

RoyceMedia offers state-of-art software solutions to cater to our customer’s increasing needs to embrace IT software solutions to strategically improve their businesses. These solutions range from messaging and collaboration solutions, Portal solutions, E-commerce, CRM, ERP solutions, Server and Storage solutions.

We are able to customize messaging and collaboration solutions to enhance your company’s communications and increase the efficiency of your workforce. With our close working relationship with leading messaging partners Microsoft and IBM, we have developed numerous messaging solutions on Exchange and Lotus Domino platform. Our range of solutions includes remote access, integration with wireless mobile equipment such as PDAs, instant messaging, fax-to-email, email-to-fax, SMS and more.

The advancement of technology such as the internet and growing importance of the data residing in the companies has led to the needs to store and manage the exploding data more effectively and efficiently for convenient access. Our full suite of storage services will be able to provide you with complete range of servers and storage solutions to meet your ever growing storage requirements.